Toys R Us to close all 800 of its US stores


Toys R Us has one store in Layton at 1780 Woodland Park Dr. Earlier this year, the company...


US probes 4 deaths in Hyundai-Kia cars when air bags failed

Air Bag Failures

DETROIT (AP) — Air bags in some Hyundai and Kia cars failed to inflate in crashes and four people are dead. Now the U.S. government’s road safety agency wants to know why. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it’s investigating problems that affect an estimated 425,000 cars made...


AP FACT CHECK: Trump and the attack of the bowling balls

Fact Check Week

WASHINGTON (AP) — The suspense hung over the public square for hours. Were Japanese regulatory authorities really dropping bowling balls on American cars as part of a dark plot to keep the autos out of the Japanese market? No, the White House acknowledged. That story was just President Donald Trump...


Trump's possible China tariffs send opponents scrambling

Trump China Trade

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is considering broad tariffs on imports from China and an announcement could come as soon as next week. Industry groups and some lawmakers are scrambling to prevent a new front in a potential trade war that could reverberate across the U.S. economy. Early...


Partners turned into prey as insurers, drug plans get squeezed

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. Over 20 years, Brian Komoto built a thriving pharmacy in California’s Central Valley. Each day, his nurses would travel the vast agricultural region’s roads to help hepatitis C patients take a grueling regimen of shots. Then, in 2016, 20 percent of Komoto’s business vanished,...


Berlin startup is hunting for the next Harry Potter

(c) 2018, Bloomberg. Publishers are notorious for making knuckleheaded decisions on new titles -- the first Harry Potter book, for instance, was rejected a dozen times -- so Ali Albazaz has come up with an alternative: Ask readers what they think. The 28-year-old software coder and aspiring author...


Bye-bye box seats? Tax law may curb corporate cash at games

Tax Overhaul Curtailing Entertainment

WASHINGTON (AP) — Could the crackdown on tax loopholes clamp down on corporate schmoozing? The new tax law ends a benefit prized by business for impressing customers or courting new ones. And the impact could be felt in the pricey boxes at sports stadiums, or even at Double-A baseball games in...


Trump's possible China tariffs bring loud protests _ in US

Trump China Trade

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is considering sweeping tariffs on imports from China, with an announcement possible as early as next week. And that has industry groups and some lawmakers scrambling to prevent the next front in a potential trade war that could reverberate across the U.S....


Rapid building technique gets scrutiny after bridge collapse

University Bridge Collapse

As the 950-ton concrete bridge section was swung into place over a highway last weekend, Florida International University officials were beaming with pride. The pedestrian bridge on the edge of the Miami-area campus was a signature achievement of the school’s Accelerated Bridge Construction...


Democrats balk at making technical fix to tax law

(c) 2018, The Washington Post. WASHINGTON - Republicans aiming to use an upcoming spending bill to fix a glaring problem with their recently passed tax overhaul are running into a wall with Democrats, who were shut out of the tax law process and now don’t want to cooperate unless they get something...


Correction: Chemical Plant Fire-Texas story

CRESSON, Texas (AP) — In a story March 15 about an explosion and fire at a North Texas chemical plant, The Associated Press reported erroneously that a missing worker is named Dillon Mitchell. His name is Dylan Mitchell. A corrected version of the story is below: Toxic air, explosion risk keeps...

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